Digital Marketer Was Able to Quit 9-5 Job
"The only hesitation I had to working with Portia was the price at first, but I loved the dedication and investment she made in me and my business. She really believed in me and my vision and helped me find my superpowers. Since working with Portia, I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I am not afraid of selling myself and putting myself out there AND I was able to quit my 9-5 job halfway through her program. I would recommend Portia to anyone who is thinking of starting an online business, has ideas, but doesn't have the know how on how to actually execute the strategy. Portia not only helps your business find their strengths, but she teaches people how to implement proven strategies. Thanks a bunch, you have really changed my life." - Dani Calhoun, Digital Marketer

Grow Your Audience and Sales Using FB Ads and Messenger Bots
"Portia is one of the most dedicated, detail-oriented people I know. She's also super fun and I'd recommend working with her, because I know she's as committed to her clients results as much, if not more so, than her own. She is extremely knowledgeable about the online business world, and is committed to her continuing learning, so that she's at the cutting edge of what's happening in the market. She's the perfect business partner to help you grow your business through Facebook Ads or Bots, as she combines business strategy & acumen with her methodological approach and a touch of flair. I think her end-to-end approach would be priceless to anyone looking to grow their audience and sales using FB Ads and Messenger Bots." - Joanna Turner, International Speaker
Consistent $50k months for Success Coach
"Portia has been INCREDIBLE in helping me run ads for my business - specifically webinar ads. When I signed up to work with Portia I was INCREDIBLY frustrated with trying to run my own - high lead costs and not so great conversion rates. The opposite is now true, and most important to me, the frustration has been taken out of it for me. Portia gets ads up quickly, pays attention to what's working and what's not, and adjusts accordingly - truly a lifesaver! Since working with Portia, I've grown my email list to about 16,000, my Facebook community to almost 9,000, and I've now had 5 consistent $50k+ months! Thank you!" - Sara Dann, Success Coach

Increased Worldwide Exposure for Mindset Coach
"Working with Portia was (and is!) absolutely brilliant - Why? because she shows you exactly what to do so you learn every aspect of optimization. This is so important! Portia’s in-depth knowledge and fabulous demeanor make her an absolutely pleasure to work with - thank you for helping to empower so many more people with Your Hidden Mind's system and tools across the world. One thing that Portia does that I haven’t seen anyone else do is the consistent level of detail and care to do a good job. I would absolutely recommend working with Portia. - Gwenda Phillips, Mindset Mentor 
Strategy & Implementation Plan That Brought Complete Clarity
"Portia provided me with a strategy and implementation plan that brought complete clarity to the areas I was confused in, when it came to booking paying clients in my coaching business. I would definitely recommend Portia as a star coach for anyone looking to start their own online business!" - Zoe Bright, Instagram Success Coach

Getting Results Daily for Business & Wellness Coach
"Portia is detail oriented, organized, vigilant and always working towards improving her systems to get better results. She combines strategic thinking with creativity to find the best solution. If you are looking to grow your business through Facebook Ads and Messenger bots, I highly recommend Portia because she’s in there (Facebook) day to day getting results and searching for ways to get better results and metrics. She is constantly monitoring, measuring, and moving forward." - Chrissy Lowe, Business & Wellness Coach 
900+ Completed Registrations for Career Coach for less than 2 Euros
3600+ Completed Registrations for Stylist @ $1.32 each
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