Spending hours, days and weeks trying to figure out the techy stuff online wasn’t exactly what you pictured when launching your dream business, was it?

You want to avoid attracting the tire-kicking freebie hunters that just aren’t your ideal clients, sort through the overwhelm of the 33 online courses you’ve bought that offer 33 conflicting strategies, and finally escape the solopreneur grind of doing everything yourself. 

You spend what’s supposed to be your money-making hours on YouTube trying to perfect that webinar funnel, understand what the heck a Facebook pixel is and making fugly landing pages from the templates that came with your software. 

Sound familiar?

You want to capture your ideal client’s attention, sell out your programs, and make serious bank in the process. 

And a little piece of you is holding onto hope that you will actually achieve a positive ROI from your ad spend, someone besides your mom attends AND BUYS from your webinar, and your influence and impact in your niche changes people’s lives. 

I’m Portia R. Jackson, founder of Launchpad Social, and my team and I help business owners like you connect with your ideal clients via a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that makes you money. 

As a successful digital marketer, with several certifications and happy clients under my belt, I work with a diverse mix of service providers from Business Coaches and Social Media Strategists, to Stylists and Psychotherapists. Each one of my clients came to me feeling overwhelmed, like they were spinning their wheels in business, and unable to crack the code to consistent 6- and 7-figures until they implemented some serious strategy about attracting their ideal clients and converting them into paying clients. 

Launchpad Social works with small business owners who want to:
  •  Get over their excuses and finally get the income-generating systems they need in place,
  •  Increase their visibility and sales online by using Facebook ads, messenger bots, sales funnels and email marketing, and
  •  Spend their time doing what they actually love while letting someone else handle the techy parts of their business (Hello clients! Goodbye pixels!)
I believe that everyone has a message to share with the world - the real challenge is letting the world know about it and whip out their credit card too! 

Because when you implement a strategic digital marketing plan, you’ll reach more people, change more lives, and make more money.

When you work with me you get access to everything I know about Facebook ads, messenger bots, sales funnels, email marketing and other digital marketing techniques that tie it all together. I have certifications as a Facebook Ads Specialist, Email Marketer and Business and Success Coach - and I’m a former rocket scientist (seriously, I have a PhD in Engineering) so trust me when I say, I know A LOT about strategy and implementation of complex principles. 
As we work together I’ll encourage you to move past the problems of Squirrel Syndrome, overwhelm, insecurity, and doubt by creating a personalized plan catered to you (absolutely, no cookie-cutter packages over here.) 

By the time our work together is done you’ll have a clear and effective marketing plan in place, be able to market your services in a way that captures attention, and have a consistent flow of qualified leads coming in so you’ll never feel like you’re spinning your wheels ever again. 

If you want to have a strategic marketing roadmap for your business in 2 hours, then click this link to book a discovery call now.
Increased Worldwide Exposure for Mindset Coach
"Working with Portia was (and is!) absolutely brilliant - Why? because she shows you exactly what to do so you learn every aspect of optimization. This is so important! Portia’s in-depth knowledge and fabulous demeanor make her an absolutely pleasure to work with - thank you for helping to empower so many more people with Your Hidden Mind's system and tools across the world. One thing that Portia does that I haven’t seen anyone else do is the consistent level of detail and care to do a good job. I would absolutely recommend working with Portia. - Gwenda Phillips, Mindset Mentor 
For support issues or questions, please email us at hello@launchpadsocial.com
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